Outdoor cushions

if you have a classic sofa or if you have outdoor furniture with one color only you can use colored cushions .cushions give a variety of different colors wich make additional beautiful view to your furniture

always choose bright colors for outdoor cuchions it give you the sense of delightful.also don’t put a huge number of cuchions on sofa or chairs it may annoy any person sit on it so try to be moderate in putting cuchions to give any person the area to sit down easily.another thing you can use different color in cuchions in the same furniture it can be appropriate for your outdoor decoration

another kind of modern cuchions it has a huge size  you can put it on the ground so it can be additional place for persons to sit on it , my advice you can make it’s color with the same color of the sofa or chairs so this way will make entgrated view that the cushion will comple the outdoor furniture

also it has different shape so you can make square cuchion shape or rectangle or you can use different the two shpes in the same place ,

don’t forget it clean it from time to time depending on using it , every day or every week so take care to clean it , it is very important for your health and your children




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