NEMOPHILA Baby Blue Eyes

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Nemophila is a low-growing carpeting plant which will flourish at the edge of the border or in the rockery if the conditions are moist and cool. The leaves are feathery and the flowers are shaped like large buttercups. Dryness around its roots is the enemy – dig in organic matter before sowing and water copiously in dry weather. A pretty garden plant but a poor cut flower – the blooms soon fade in water.


VARIETIES : N. menziesii is sometimes listed as N. insignis or under its common name of Baby Blue Eyes or Californian Bluebell. The flowers are 1 – 1½ in. across and the sky blue petals have a prominent white centre. if you search the catalogues you will find one of the more unusal varieties listed – all – white with a blue centre.


SITE & SOIL :  Any reasonable garden soil will do, but moisture – retaining land is preferred. Thrives in sun or light shade.


PLANTE DETAILS : Height 6 in. Spacing 6 in. Flowering period June – September.


PROPAGATION : Dislikes root disturbance. Sow seeds in September or April where they are to flower. Thin to required spacing.