modern corridors design

If you are making a design for modern home or make a design for office you must take care when you start to make a design for corridor that it is a narrow place usually we walk in it you don’t need to place any furniture due to small area for corridor but the essential thing is to concentrate on making a variety of lighting accessories of corridor .although the narrow places need perfect lighting without lighting it will give you bad feeling, with dull view so in designing the lighting of corridors some people make two level of light the first level on the floor make small lighting accessories on the floor and the second level make ceiling lighting along the corridor but in fact making some lighting accessories in the floor give an impressive touch to your design

Also in designing corridor walls make your priority in choosing colors is the bright colors or make the corridor wall made of glasses to give the sun light enter the corridor. Some people leave a small space to put plants in corridor but I don’t suggest that way because may be your kids are walking on corridor or running and clash with these plants so it will harm your kids. But if you want to put hanging plants along corridor will be a nice idea

Some designer prefer to put some mirrors in corridors walls to give beautiful view as the corridor has a wide area , till now some people but some sketches, drawing or pictures on the walls it is a classic way but still using in corridor decoration

I give you some tips for designing modern corridors in modern home I wish this article help you to have additional advantage in designing



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