Medinilla magnifica

Light and position

Medinillas need good light at all times . they also need plenty of space . if possible elevate them slightly so that the flowers can be really appreciated


Temperature range:

These plants need a winter minimum of 16 C ( 31F ) and summer temperatures of 16-32 C ( 61- 90 F) . The spread of summer temperatures may seem wide , but the chosen temperature must be maintained steadily . medinillas do not like temperatures higher than 32 C ( 90 F ) – during exceptionally hot weather extra ventilation must be provided in order to prevent this happening


Watering :

During the summer provide enough water to wet the compost thoroughly , allowing the top 12 mm (1/2 in ) to dry out before watering again . during the winter only water enough to prevent the compost from drying out completely . do not begin to give more water until the new flower stalks start to appear in the spring . High humidity levels are vital to medinillas , so stand them in trays of moist horticultural aggregate and mist-spray them daily with soft rainwater .


Feeding :

Use liquid fertilizer as soon as flower buds start to open , then feed once every two weeks until early autumn , even if the flowering display is not finished


Soil :

Repot using a dampened soil- based mixture with a little peat and perlite added . move the plant in early spring taking great care not to damage the roots . if the plant has reached the desired size