Mandevilla splendens

Light and position :

Mandevillas need good light as insufficient amounts of light will scorch the leaves and cause bud drop. If  the mandevilla is to climb , it must be given some means of support , such as trellis or wires


Temperature range :

Despite the need for high temperatures during propagation , adult mandevillas only need a very mean 4.5 C ( 40 F ) minimum temperature in winter . this will encourage the plant to take a much needed seasonal rest . spring and summer minimums are a little higher at 13-18 C ( 55-65 F ) .


Watering :

While the plants are actively growing , they need only moderate amounts of water enough to prevent the compost from drying out altogether

Keep the air moisture levels around the plant high during the summer months by misting daily . alternatively , stand the plants in trays of a dampened horticultural aggregate


Feeding :

No feed is necessary during the winter months . provide liquid feed in the recommended amounts once every two weeks during the summer .


Seasonal care :

Mandevillas flower on the current season’s growth . encourage plenty of this by cutting away nearly all the flowering stems in the autumn when growth and flowering has noticeably slowed .


Soil :

When transplanting mandevillas use a soil – based potting compost and line the base of their containers with well- washed crocks or horticultural grit . if necessary move them into pots one size larger in the spring when growth commences . if the plant has reached its final pot size , simply top – dress with the recommended mixture.