3293123_640px Petit Chien Lion LOWCHEN LITTLE LION DOG4


Size : 4-8kg (9-18lb) , 25-33cm ( 10-13in)

Grooming : time-consuming

Training : time consuming

Colours : all colours

The lowchen or little lion dog , lives up to its name . it is a resilient and active breed , quite prepared to challenge larger dogs , and too strong –willed and arrogant to take easily to obedience training . although dogs of this kind have been known since 16th century , the lowchen become rare by the 20th century and is still uncommon . it is a French bichon breed , and probably shares its ancestry with other bichons of southern Europe , but is the only one still to sport the lion-cut of the coat , found in paintings by artists such as goya, its hair is fine , so this dog is comfortable in warm climates and needs some protection in the cold .