LIMNANTHES ( Poached Egg Flower )




There are serval reasons for choosing limnanthes as an edging plant for the front of the border. It is unusual – a welcome change from the universally-popular Alyssum and Lobeia. It is also very colourful with its two-toned flowers and it is highly attractive to bees. The ferny foliage is pale green and the low-growing, spreading plants make excellent rockery specimens.


VARIETIES: You will only find one type of Limnanthes in the seed cataogues – L. douglasii, which came to Britain from California. The yellow petals have a distinct white edge – hence the common name. It is easy to grow and has a long flowering season. The fragrance is sweet but not strong and the blooms are plentiful when grown in a sunny spot.


SITE & SOIL : Any reasonable garden soil will do – thrives best in full sun.


PLANT DETAILS : Height 6 in. Spacing 4 in. Flowering period june-September.


PROPAGATION: Sow seeda in March where they are to flower. September sowing will provide plants which bloom in late spring.