Lantana camara (Yellow sage)

Lantana camara

Yellow sage


Light and condition

Lantanas need a position where they receive as much direct light as possible , the only time they cannot tolerate direct sunlight indoors is in mid-summer.


Temperature range

Lantanas can winter at near freezing temperatures , but if subjected to those , they will almost certainly lose their leaves for the season . in order to avoid this , provide a minimum temperature of 10C (50F) . these plants dislike high temperatures and poor ventilation . so it is often a good idea to put them outside for the hottest months of the year



Give enough water to wet the potting mixture thoroughly but allow the top 2.5 cm (1in) to dry out between waterings. During the winter months only provide enough to prevent the compost from drying out completely



Give liquid feed once every two weeks from early summer to mid-autumn



Always use a free-draining, soil-based compost for lantanas add wel-washed to the base of pots.