Knitting bag pattern

Designed by Melissa leapman

bag knitting

Skill level: beginner


Size : one size


Finished measurement : Approx 12 1/2″ * 16″


Materials :


5 skeins sari silk ribbon by leilani arts,100% silk,(60 yds/100g) in multicolor


U.S. size 17 (12mm) 24″ circular needle,or size required for guage


Stitch marker


Yarn needle


3/4 yard lining fabric


Fusible interfacing (optional)


Sewing needle and thread


Tote handles (24″ long) and bottom (12 1/2″ wide * 3″ tall * 4 1/2 deep)



8 sts and 16 rows = 4″ (10 cm) in garter st



When working garter st in the round , knit 1 round , then purl 1 round; continue alternating knit and purl rounds throughout.


If using interfacing,take care that it doesn’t show through the knitted fabric.



Cast on 68 marker and join,being careful not to twist in garter st until piece measures 11″ from beg.bind off.



Cut lining fabric and interfacing (if using) to 17″ * 34″ ,fuse interfacing to ws of fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.fold fabric with RS tog so that piece measures 17″ * 17″ .sew 1/4 ” seam along edge opposite 1/4 seam along bottom edge.


To square bottom corners of the lining , fold a corner,RS tog ,so bottom seam matches side seam/fold.use backstitch to sew across corner (approx 4 1/2 ” seam) (illustration 1).trim off triangle (illustration 2) .rep on other corner. set aside


Sew tote bottom to lower edge of knitted piece.weave in ends


Fold top edge of linning down 3/4″ wrong sides facing,and press in place .insert lining in tote ,ws tog. Sew lining to top edge of knitted piece .sew handles in place