Knitted money plant

Knitted money plant




  • Yarn : brown sheep shepherd’s shades (100% wool,100g(3 1/2 oz) ,120m (131yds),1 skein each of (A) wintergreen,(B) chestnut; brown sheep lamb’s pride worsted (85% wool,15% mohair,100g(4 oz) ,175m (190 yds),1 skein of (c) oregano
  • Wool and rayon blend felt in olive
  • 5 mm and 5 mm (us size 10.5 and 8 ) dpns
  • Stuffing
  • Pipe cleaner

Guage : 4 sts over 5 rows = 2.5 cm (1 in)

Finished dimensions: 25 cm (10 in ) high , 9 cm (3 1/2 in ) wide


Instructions :

Plant pot

With A and 6.5 mm dpns,co 8 sts and divide between three needles.join in the round.

Rnd 1:K.

Rnd 2:K 1 ftb in each st-16sts.

Rnds 3-5 :k.

Rnd 6: k 1 ftb in each st-32 sts.

Rnd 7 : p.

Rnds 8-20:k.

Rnds 21-23:p.

Rnds 24-26:change to B and k

Begin to stuff and continue stuffing to end.

Rnd 27 : k2tog around -16 sts.

Rnds 28-30: k.

R31 : k2tog around -8 sts. BO and break yarn with enough to sew stem on.



With C and 5 mm dpns,CO4 sts.knit in 1-cord for 10 cm (4 in ) BO and weave in ends.bend the tip of the pipe cleaner and insert into the cord.leave the rest of the pipe cleaner hanging out.

Trace the leaf pattern and cut a double layer of felt for 10 leaves.with embroidery thread,backstitch the edges of each leaf together ,beginning and ending at the base.stitch each leaf on with the waste thread as you finish the leaves in opposing pairs about 1.25cm (1/2-in) apart.hide the ends inside the stem.bend the bottom pipe cleaner and push into the centre hole of the pot and dirt.make a few stitches with rest of the brown yarn to fix the stem in place.

Venus fly trap

Follow the knit money plant instructions for the pot ,soil ,and stem.cut two 4*6-cm (1 1/2*2 1/2-in)pieces of felt and around the the 6 cm (2 1/2-in) edge of both pieces of felt together to make the mouth of the venusfly trap.cut thin 2.5-cm (1-in) felt teeth and stitch to the edges of the mouth.

Potted grass

Follow the knitting instructions for the yellow pot and cast off after knitting the yellow yarn.cut thin strips of varying lengths of green grass from felt.and cut the tips to a point.make enough grass to fill the pot ,and insert the blades.


Bonsai tree:

Make a shallower pot and follow the money plant’s stem instructions to make a brown tree trunk for a bonsai tree .make knitted 1-cord branches with pipe cleaners inserted in the centre and stitch to the main tree trunk .use fluffy wool roving for the clumps of leaves on the branches,lightly needle felt the leaf clusters and stitch to the branches.


Make a small pot for a sprout.fill the pot with brown wool roving for the dirt. Follow the money plant instructions for the stem and make it 5 cm (2 in) tall. Make two money leaves and stitch the ends together at the top of the stem to make a sweet little sprout.

Basil plant

Follow the money plant instructions and make the basil leaves like in the drawing below but enlarge the leaves 200%