Jasminum (Jasmine)

Light and position

All jasmines need to be in a position where they receive some direct sunlight every day . if possible position these plants so that they can climb- they will need wires or trellis to do so . if there is no suitable space , provide them with some means of support within their container


Temperature range

For j.ofticingle a winter minimum of 7C (45F) is quite sufficient . do not subject these plants to temperatures much higher than 13C(55F) as they grow out of control and stop flowering. J.polyanthum prefers a winter minimum of 13C(55F)



While these plants are growing and flowering, give them plenty of water, enough to keep them thoroughly moist at all times. While they are resting, only provide them with enough water to prevent the compost from drying out completely.



Provide a liquid feed once every two weeks from late spring to late autumn.



Use a soil-based potting mixture for jasmine.repot, J.polyanthum during the summer, J.officinale in the early spring