Italian greyhound

italian_greyhound italian-greyhound


Size : 3-3.5 kg (7-8lb) , 33-38cm (13-15in )

Grooming : minimal

Training : easy

Colours : cream , fawn , blue , black

A perfect miniature of the standard greyhound , the Italian greyhound , or piccolo levrieri italiani , has been a companion of nobility since the days of egypt’s pharaohs and the roman empire . today its elegant refined appearance , and the absence of shedding or odour from its sleek coat , ensure its continuing popularity. This breed is a good –natured , affable , and active companion , easy –going and affectionate with those it knows , if a little shy with strangers . the fine-boned build is not as delicate as it looks , but Italian greyhounds are not well suited to households with boisterous children or larger dogs . boasting a relaxed temperament , it is not demanding , however , it does enjoy the comforts of life .