Hydrangea macrophylla (Hydrangea)

Light and conditions

Hydrangeas prefer to be positioned in a light , cool place leaf scorch may result if the plant is placed too close to a window , but this is usually minimal . if put out- of – doors , keep in light shade


Temperature Range :

Keep in fairly cool conditions of 10 – 15 C ( 50-59 F) . This will ensure that the plant will go on flowering much longer than if placed in a hot dry location , avoid direct sunlight and heat when properly situated , hydrangeas will produce abundant lush growth .



During active growth, the plants will need frequent watering. Allow the topsoil to dry out before watering. but avoid letting the plants wilt . Pots should have large drainage holes and a healthy layer of crocks at the base of their pots to aid drainage



Hydrangeas usually have an abundance of strong foliage and will need weekly feeding to keep them strong and healthy, the acid in some soil can cause the flowers to go blue, adding alum will ensure that the flowers remain blue and do not revert to pink


Seasonal care:

Copious watering is required when the plants are in active growth, but none while the plants are in their dormant phase towards the end of the year. After flowering, shoots should be cut back to about half their length. top sections of shoots that have not flowered can be treated propagator . The cuttings should have two leaves attached. prune in early spring , removing any dead material , as well as dead flower heads .



Hydrangeas prefer heavier soil and a soil – based mixture is best. Pot in the spring when flowering is over. An all – purpose potting soil can be used. Make sure enough room is left at the top for heavy watering. The pots should also have good drainage