Hoya (wax plant)

Light and position

Hoyas need good light with some direct sunlight every day H.bella will be seen at its best if planied in a hanging container . h.carnosa will cover wail space if it is provided with wires or a trellis , otherwise a moss pole or wire hoop will suffice.


Temperature Range

A winter minimum of 7C (45F) is quite sufficient for these plants.


Watering :

Hoyas are rather temperamental about water , it is very easy to give them too much. Water moderately . allowing the top 12mm(1/2in) to dry out between waterings. During the winter only water enough to prevent the compost from drying out completely. Whenever watering hoyas, make sure that the compost is never allowed to become waterlogged and that the plants never stand in drip trays full of water.


Despite these dire warning these plants do need a high degree of moisture in the air around them , so they will need daily misting with soft tepid rainwater.



Provide noyas with liquid fertilizer once every two weeks during the summer months . do not feed those plants that have recently been repotted



Hoyas dislike being disturbed and often appear to be in pots that are too small for them they like it . repot every two or three years using a soil-based compost adding washed crocks to the base of the pots.