How to find a dog?

Finding a dog


Before you buy a dog you must think about the purpose of acquiring this dog .you must understand that you have the time for dog breeding, dogs need special food need a time to take care, also they need a medical care at last don’t forget to prepare a suitable living place for your dog otherwise you must concentrate on dog training.


The second thing you need before you acquire or buy a dog is recognizing the cost of the dog you need, so when you buy your dog its not the cost of your dog you must calculate first the cost of medical care that your dog need some vaccinations that are specified by Doctor of Veterinary, also the doctor will give you some binding medical advices for your dog. Also you need to consider the cost of living of your dog that may be your home not designed to welcome your new dog, so you may need to make a small room for this dog or small corner so to attain the place of living the dog it may cost additional many you didn’t expect


The third thing take care of the size of the dog you will buy it and ask yourself if this dog size fit your choice, may be you have Childs and they don’t like the large size dogs it may scare them, also think about neighbors they may annoyed from the ¬†¬†barking Dogs they may cause negative relationship with your neighbors so take care of this advice


Finally I give you some advice when you are planning to buy a dog .wishing you to have a nice friendly dog



Amanda burns