How to decorate your living room ?

          How to decorate your living room? ….  you must know some observation that this room is the place where your family will meet each other on it, also your family will spend most of the day in this room also the place you will relax in it after a long workday or to enjoy a television program and is the place to meet your visitors

          So when you plan to decorate living room , first of all choose a calm and bright colors like white with light red or white only ,purple only  also white with black also don’t forget to choose a comfortable sofa and a wide lounge chairs

          It’s preferable to choose carpets have the same color like furniture or choose color like the colors of the wall of living room. Concentrate in lighting accessories it is the essential thing in decorating living to help you and your family in reading magazines, newspapers

       I advice you to put some cushions in the floor so if you have many visitors and you didn’t have enough chairs it will be helpful to seat your visitors or Childs on it

                                                                      Emad elsheikh