8 chicken portions (legs or breast).

Herb butter
90g (3oz) butter, softened 3tbsp chopped parsley 3tbsp snipped fresh chives 2 garlic cloves, crushed (optional) salt and black pepper.

1- Mix the butter with the parsley, chives, and garlic, if using, and a good pinch each of salt and pepper.
2- Spread the chicken with the butter, and put, skin-side down over a hot barbecue, or skin-side up under a hot grill, 10cm (4in) from the heat. Cook for 10 minutes on each side or until the juices run clear when the chicken is pierced.

Healthy option
Butter makes the chicken luscious and golden brown, but it is high in saturated fat and calories. You can reduce this by using half the amount of butter o 2tbsp olive oil. Skinning the chicken before cooking is another option.

Jamaican chicken
Substitute ½ tsp crushed peppercorns (red, green, and black), 1tsp chopped fresh thyme, and 3 chopped spring onions for the parsley and chives.

Thai coriander chicken
Substitute 1-2tbsp chopped fresh coriander and 2tbsp Thai green curry paste for the parsley and chives.

Hot paprika chicken
Substitute 2tsp paprika and 2tsp mustard powder for the parsley and chives.