Hedera Ivy

Light and condition :

Ivies require light , cool environments if poorly lit , variegated types will lose their coloring and should thus have 2-3 hours of sunlight each day . keep other types out of direct sunlight and away from dry heat which can encourage red spider mites


Temperature range :

Ivies are generally sturdy enough to withstand a broad range of temperatures but they do not like wide fluctuations. most respond well to temperatures between 10-15 C (50-59F ) in temperatures higher than 18C (65F) provide a moist environment in winter , let the plants rest in a cool temperature of 10C (50F)


Watering :

Keep the compost moist in summer with regular waterings in winter , water sparingly but do not let the compost dry out . ivies like humidity , especially if the atmosphere is dry , as in summer mist frequently at these times , and also in winter if the room is dry and warm


Feeding :

Ivies are not fussy about feeding , and any fertilizer recommended by the manufacturer may be used . feed actively growing plants with liquid fertilizer every two weeks



Peaty compost mixtures tend to produce soft growth , so use a combination of a peat-based potting mixture and a soil-based one. This will also eliminate the need for frequent repotting in a mixture of moistened peat moss and coarse sand.