German spitz

German-Spitz nemo1hg4


Size : giant :17.5-18.5kg (39-41lb), 40cm (16in)

Grooming : time consuming

Training : time consuming

Colours : white , brown , or black for giant , range of colours for other sizes

Spitz – type dogs arrived to central Europe with the Vikings and are mentioned in german literature as early as 1450 . the standard german spitz was a herding dog, while the giant and toy versions were developed as companion breeds , today they are known widely across Europe , but numbers have been in decline for many years in germany .

The characteristic long , dense coat needs a good deal of care and without early learning these dogs often resent grooming . alert and outgoing , they can be stubborn pets . males may challenge other dogs or strangers , this territorial quality can make them good guard dogs , although not as trainable as some breeds