DIMORHOTHECA (Star of the Veldt)

Dimorphotheca is distinctly fussy about its requirements. It needs a well-drained, light soil and as much sun as possible-put it in a shady spot and the flowers will refuse to open. Give it a good home in a rockery, window box or flower bed and the bright, The flowers are suitable for cutting: remove dead blooms to prolong the display .
VARLETLES : The garden varieties of Dimorphotheca are hybrids of D. aurantiaca. Around the dark central disc the petals may be white, yellow, orange or salmon-pink. The largest flowers are borne by ‘Goliath’ and ‘orange Glory’ but the popular choice is the compact ‘Dwarf Salmon’ The shining white varieties are eye-catching –pick ‘Glistening white’ or ‘pole star’.
SITE & SOIL: A well-drained sandy soil in full sun is necessary .
PLANT DETAILS: Height 1ft. spacing 9 in. flowering period June- August .
PROPAGATLON: Dislikes root disturbance, sow seeds in April or May where they are to flower.