The Annual Delphinium or Larkspur is a quick-growing plant with varieties suitable for both the back and front of the annual border. The upright flowering spikes bear densely-packed blooms in white, pink, red or blue. The foliage is feathery and the flower-heads are popular for indoor arrangements. Stake tall varieties and remove dead blooms . VARLETLES: The D. consolida group contains the stately ‘Giant imperial’ varieties (4 ft) which produce tall spikes of Stock-like flowers. The D.ajacis group produces varieties Which are rather shorter and earlier flowering – these so –called Hyacinth- flowering types include ‘Tall Rocket’ (2 ½ ft)and ‘Dwarf Rocket’ (1 ft) Remember that the seeds of Delphinium are poisonous . SITE & SOIL: Any well-drained garden soil will do-thrives in sun or light shade . PLANT DETAILS: Height 1-4 ft .Spacing 1 ½ ft flowering period June – August. PROPAGATION: Dislikes root disturbance. For best results sow seeds in September – alternatively sow in March.