crochet flower felted bag

crochet Flowers felted bag



36-peg regular gauge knitting loom.sample was knit using a blue knify knitter long loom



182 m (200 yards) bulky weight yarn,[lamb’s pride bulky,85% wool ,15 % mohair,in Caribbean waves,90 m (bag), in ruby red,27 m (red flowers),in cream ,18 m (cream flower),114 m (125 yards) per 113 g (4 0z ),was used in sample]



Tapestry needle

Knitting tool



6 sts * 10 rows = 5 cm (2 in ), pre-felted


Size :

28 *28 cm (11 * 11 in ), pre-felted ; 23*20 cm (9*8 in ) , felted





Bag (make 2 )


Cast on 36 stitches


Row 1-8 : knit.


Row 9 : k2tog, k to the last 2 sts,k2tog


Repeat rows 1-9 four more times (26 sts remain)


Next row : knit


Next row : purl


Place panels with the wrong sides both panels together using mattress stitch.




Cast on 4 stitch .work an I-cord over the 4 stitches to create a 30 cm (12 in ) long cord .sew the handle to the side corners.


Big red flower


Cast on 5 stitch


Small petal


Row 1: kfb,k4


Row 2: k4,kfb,k1.


Row 3 & 4 : k7


Row 5: k1,k2tog,k4


Row 6: k3,k2tog,k1


Repeat rows 1-6 three times more .do not break yarn


Medium petal


Row 1&3 :kfb,k to end.


Rows 2 &4: k to last 2 sts,kfb,k1.


Rows 5-8: knit


Rows 9 & 11: k1,k2tog,k to end


Row 10 & 12 : k to last 3 sts ,k2tog,,k1


Repeat rows 1-12 two times more .break yarn.


Small red flower

Follow instructions for big red flower,stopping after one repetition of the medium petal.


Small white flower

Follow instruction for big red flower, completing only the small petal portion.

Weave ends in.



Step 1: set top-load washing machine to hot water, small load.


Step 2: Add 1 tablespoon of wool detergent or baby shampoo


Step 3: place item inside a zippered pillowcase. place the pillowcase in the washer along with two pairs of jeans to aid in agitation


Step 4: let the cycle run for about 10 minutes and check progress. if the item is not desired size ,place inside the pillowcase again and wash for a few more minutes.


Step 5 : when the item reaches desired effect/size, take out and shape (you may put something inside to help in obtaining desired shape).allow to air dry for about 24-48 hours



Needle felting

Once your bag is completely dry ,use a needle felting kit,including a special barbed needle and foam ,to decorate your bag .felt the swirls onto the bag as in the finished picture ,right



When the bag and flowers have completely dried,secure the flowers to the right side of the bag ,in the upper corner .attach handles to the bag by sewing them on.