Concept villas for golf and spa resort

Concept villa for golf and spa resort

Designed by Zaha hadid architects

Place: Dubrovnik, in Croatia



The designed have two types of villas for a site overlooking the historic town of Dubrovnik in Croatia.


The concepts, named “Rock” (top) and “Shell” (above), have been developed to help define the architectural style of the resort, which will eventually consist of 400 villas plus hotels and a golf course.



The design consists of two type Villas for a new Golf and Spa Resort in Croatia overlooking the old town of Dubrovnik. The total development comprises 400 villas, two 5 stars hotels, a wonderful luxury apartments, retail facilities, a spa and a well designed an 18 hole golf course including a golf resort club house.



Zahavillas10 Dezeen_Zaha_Hadid_Architects_Dubrovnik_Rock02_sq Dezeen_Zaha_Hadid_Architects_Dubrovnik_Rock06 Dezeen_Zaha_Hadid_Architects_Dubrovnik_Shell04 Dezeen_Zaha_Hadid_Architects_Dubrovnik_Shell05 Zaha-Hadid-Dubrovnik-3 Zaha-Hadid-Dubrovnik-4 Zaha-Hadid-Dubrovnik-6