COBAEA (Cathedral Bell)

The Cathedral Bell or Cup-and-Saucer Vine is an outstand-ing example of the small group of plants which are grown as annual climbers. It may survive the winter in mild districts but the usual practice is to discard the plants in late autumn. Cobaea grows rapidly, climbing by means of tendrils and bearing bell-like flowers. These blooms are green at first, later turning purple.
VARIETIES: There is one species – C. scandens. The prominent flowers are about 3 in. long and are borne throughout the summer. Cobaea is sometimes flower shy – make sure that the plants are properly hardened off before planting out, watered freely in dry weather and not overfed. A few catalogues list a yellowish green variety (C. scandens alba).
SITE & SOIL: Any well-drained garden soil will do – thrives best in full sun.
PLANT DETAILS: Height 10 ft. Spacing 2 ft. Flowering period July – October.
PROPAGATION: sowing the seeds edge-wise. Plant out when the danger of frost is past.