Plant out when the danger of frost is past.
Celosia is one of the aristocrats of the bedding plant world. The large and brightly coloured flower-heads are crested or plumed, adding a luxury touch to the flower beds or an indoor arrangement. You must not forget, however, that all the Celosias are tender, so they require a warm and sheltered spot and must not be planted out until they have been properly hardened off and all danger of frost is past.
VARIETIES: The plumed one is C. argentea ‘Plumosa’ (Prince of Wales’ Feathers). They range in height from the dwarf ‘Geisha’ (9 in.) to the stately ‘Thompson’s Magnifica’ (2 ft). The crested variety is C. argentea ‘Cristata’ (Cockscomb). Choose the compact ‘Jewel Box’ (9 in.) or ‘Chanticleer’ (9 in.). The Celosia colours are red, yellow and orange.
SITE & SOIL: The soil should not be heavy and the site should be warm and sunny.
PLANTDETAILS: Height 9 in. – 2 ft. Spacing 9 in. – 1 ft. Flowering period July – September.
PROPAGATION: Plant out when the danger of frost is past.