Cairn terrier

Size : 6-7 kg (13-15lb) , 25-30cm (10-12in)
Grooming : average
Training : easy
Colours : variety of colours , ranging from cream and grey through wheaten and red to almost black

The bold yet still amenable , low maintenance cairn terrier , once called the short-haired skye terrier , originated in the west of Scotland . its present name come from its original function , flushung out vermin and game hidden in piles of rocks , which are called ‘cairns ‘ in Scotland . this is a happy ,bossy and mischievous breed , with its sturdy , squared body , shaggy , double density harsh coat , and rustic , tousled features , it makes an ideal choice for active families . cairns are equally at home in the town or country with single owners or in boisterous young families .
As pups grow , their coat colour can lighten considerably . despite an urge to watchdog bark , this typically fearless terrier is quite amenable to obedience training , cairns , males in particular should be monitored when meeting children for first time