Browallia speciosa (Sapphire flower or bush violet)

Ideal condition

Light and position

Once mature , browallias need strong light , two or three hours of direct sunlight a day whenever possible . seedings will need to be kept out of direct sunlight , but they do need good light


Temperature range

Anything much higher than 16-17 ( 61-63 F) while flowering will make the buds drop, which will in turn shorten the flowering period . while raising seedlings. Maintain a minimum temperature of 10 C




Water browallias freely while flowering , providing as  much as is necessary to moisten the compost thoroughly at each watering but allowing the top 12 mm ( 1/2 in )  of potting mixture to dry out before watering again . at other times allow the top 18 mm (3/4 in ) to dry out between waterings . remember that while browallias are growing freely in good strong light , the compost will dry out very quickly during warm weather m so they may need plenty of watering attention . although these little plants thrive in normal humidity levels , hot dry air may cause bud drop . help to prevent this by standing the pots on trays of horticultural aggregate or by regular spraying with soft rainwater


Feeding :

Once the plants have started flowering . provide normal doses of liquid feed at two –weekly intervals .


Seasonal care :

Pinch out growing tips from time to encourage bushier plants . provide good winter light when growing on winter seedings . dispose of plants after flowering


Soil :

If grown from seed the plants will need to be started in seed compost and then moved to a soil based potting compost as they mature . mature plants purchased from a garden centre will not need repotting at all