Bridges on Swimming Pool

when you cross your garden sometimes it takes long times that is because you have a swimming pool in the middle of the garden so you can build small bridge on pool , this bridge can become a charming place to your garden you can make a water fall on this bridge …you will like it but the only problem on building bridge it is sometimes become more expensive specially if you need to make water fall on bridge


swimming_pool_with_wooden_bridge_full_1 5_Water_Fall_Bridge__Cave.4894326_large 847614_1308223717043 Pool at night 8370654 6078813870_391a856d67_z bridge-over-a-pond pool-7-110807 pool-bridge1-lg pool-rik-21-nice bridge Romantic-Bridge-Around-Basements-Pool spanish-colonial-in-nicaragua-4 Swimming Pools[3]