ALYSSUM (Sweet Alyssum )

Some experts feel that too much Alyssum is grown, but without it many of our small gardens would be poorer. The dwarf cushions are covered with tiny, honey-scented flowers throughout the summer, and it is used to edge flower beds, fill the spaces between paving stones, cover bare patches in rockeries and clothe window boxes. Trim off dead blooms with scissors to ensure continuous flowering.
VARIETIES: Most people choose a white variety of A. maritimum (proper name Lobularia maritime). The low-carpeting ones are ‘Carpet of Snow’ and ‘Minimum’ – the popular ‘Little Dorrit’ is more upright. For a change pick a coloured variety – there are ‘Oriental Night’ (deep purple). ‘Rosie O’Day’ (pink) and ‘Lilac Queen’ (deep lilac).
SITE & SOIL: The soil should be well drained but not rich – thrives best in full sun.
PLANT DETAILS: Height3 – 6 in. Spacing 9 in. Flowering period June – September.
PROPAGATION: Sow seeds in compost under glass in February or in April where they are to flower.