Allamanda cathartica (Golden trumpet vine)

Light and position :

Allemandes love strong direct sunlight , for two or three hours a day in summer whenever possible . if the allamanda is grown in a sunroom or conservatory , encourage the plant to grow up into the roof space it will love it there and provide the plants below with natural shade


Temperature range :

Winter minimums around the 16 C ( 16 F ) mark are vital to the well – being of allamandas


Watering :

Provide allamandas with moderate amounts of water  during the spring and summer allowing the top 12 mm (1/2 in ) of compost to dry out between waterings . in winter only give enough water to prevent the compost from drying out completely  they like to be grown in a moist atmosphere so mist the plant regularly with soft rainwater . if this presents a problem , stand the plant in a tray containing a dampened horticultural aggregate . the moisture from this will gradually evaporate as the temperature rises , providing just the sort of humidity that an allamanda thrives on



Feed allamandas with a liquid fertilizer once a fortnight during the growing season.


Seasonal care :

During the growing season allamandas can make a huge amount of growth . they will need an annual prune in early spring not just to keep them under control but because pruning also encourages new growth to break out along the stems and it is the new growth that carries flowers , pruning will kick – start the plant into growth so start giving it extra water as soon as the pruning has been completed


Soil :

Allamandas prefer a soil – based mixture which provides them with good drainage . they will grow best in a large planter or a border . report annually . when the maximum pot size has been reached , top- dress annually.