AGROSTEMMA (Corn Cockle)

Corn Cockle is not a popular garden flower, and it is even less popular with the farmer when it appears as a weed in his fields. But it is an excellent cottage garden plant, bearing large flowers on top of slender stems which withstand both wind and rain. The Corn Cockle is recommended for cutting.
VARIETIES: The weed A. githago bears narrow hairy leaves and bright magenta flowers which close at night. The variety most commonly grown as a garden plant is A. githago ‘Milas’ which came from Turkey. Its pale lilac flowers fade to white at the centre – they measure 2 in. across and provide unusual specimens for flower arranging. Gather the blooms when they are fully open.
SITE & SOIL: Any reasonable garden soil will do – thrives best in full sun.
PLANT DETAILS: Height 2 ½ ft. Spacing 1 ft. Flowering period June – August.
PROPAGATION: Dislikes root disturbance. Sow seeds in autumn or early spring where they are to flower.