Acer palmatum

This is one of the best shrubs or small trees for conservatory . its attractive foliage makes a good focal point in a grouping of shrubs and other plants and it maintains its interest from spring to autumn .


Season interest : spring to autumn

Size : to 3m (10ft)

Flower: small-purple-red in clusters, produced in early spring

Leaf : palmate , 5-7 lobed, 5-10cm(2-4in) long ,shade of green , bronze , purple , yellow ,red

Temperature: minimum – 5C (23F)

Aspects/light: shade, protect from bright summer sun

Humidity : moderate

Watering: keep compost evenly moist from spring to autumn , keep on the drier side in winter

Feeding : once every two weeks with a flowering plant liquid fertilizer in spring and early summer

Propagation: named varieties are propagated by grafting , A.palmatum may be grown from seed sown in autumn

Potting: soil-based potting compost

Problems: leaf scorch in bright summer sunlight

Availability : commonly available throughout the year