Abutilon hybrids (Flowering maple or Parlour Maple)

Light and position

Give an abutilon a position where it is going to receive as much direct sunlight as possible. Large plants can become top heavy . so make sure their containers are sturdy enough to prevent them from toppling over


Temperature range

A mininmum of 10C(50F) will suit these plants perfectly , but they can be kept at a lower temperature during the winter in preffered . those plants kept cool during the winter will need very little water and they might lose their leaves for the dormancy period



The abultilon is easy to water by any method and likes a lot of water in the growing period. In the rest period , water more moderately , allowing the top layer of soil to dry out between waterings


Give the plants a liquid feed once every two weeks through spring and summer



Abutilons do well in a soil-based mixture repot annually until the final pot size is reached , then top-dress with fresh mixture annually.