Advices and tips after you buy a dog

Here I will give you some advices and tips for your dog breeding or after buying dog this advice will help you in different time and ways when you deal with dogs so if you are acquire dogs for training or acquire dog for hunting …etc so read these advice below   1-     treat your dog as…


Petit basset Griffon vendeen

Size : 14-18kg (31-40lb) , 34-38cm ( 13-15in) Grooming : Average Training : Easy Colours : tricolour , orange and white , white Alert and a natural optimist , this smaller basset from the vendee region of france has recently successfully colonized North America and UK , making it the most popular of all French…


Petit bleu de gascogne

Size : 18-22kg (40-49lb) , 50-60cm (20-24in ) Grooming : easy Training : easy Colours : black , tan and blue , the roan mix of black and white hairs The petit bleu was created by selectively breeding the grand bleu de gascogne for smaller size , resulting in a breed that can be half…


Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Size : 16-18 kg (35-40lb) , 32-38cm (13-15in) Grooming : Average Training : Average Colours : Red , Fawn Is an opinionated and robust breed that thrives on physical activity . it is rarely seen outside france , although british breeders have taken a keen interest in it . today , it hunts singly or…


Grand basset Griffon vendeen

Size : 18-20kg (40-44lb) , 38-42cm ( 15-17in) Grooming : Average Training : Average Colours : Tricolour , tan and white , black and white , grey , white Taller and more elegant than other bassets , this handsome dog is also more independent , perhaps even obstinate , but is not naturally aggressive ….


Basset Bleu De Gascogne

  Size : 16-18kg (35-40lb) , 34-42cm (13-17in) Grooming : minimal Colours : Black , tan and blue , a mix of black and white hairs Today’s companionable basset bleu is a recreation by the French breeder , alain bourbon of the original breed . with an excellent voice and a superb nose , it…


Basset Artesien normand

  Size : 14.5-15.5kg (32-34lb) , 32-36(13-14in) Grooming : minimal Training : average Colours : tricolours , tan and white This most common of all French bassets originated, as its name says, in artois and Normandy . the English basset hound has its origins in this ancient French breed , As with its short-legged brethren…


Podenco canario

  Size : 16-22kg (35-49lb) , 53-64cm (21-25in) Grooming : minimal Training : time consuming Colours: all colours The ancestors of this breed were brought to the canary islands from the Iberian mainland some 400 years ago , and were themselves descended from Mediterranean hounds . the podenco canario , or canary islands hound, is…


Cirneco Dell’etna

  Size : 8-12kg (18-26lb ) , 42-50cm (17-20in) Grooming : minimal Training : time consuming Colours : Tan , white , tan with white Virtually unknown outside italy , this venerable breed was preserved in isolation on sicily for some 2000 years , it is also called the Sicilian Greyhound. But was only recognized…



  Size : 12.5-13.5 kg (28-30lb) , 43-50cm (17-20in) Grooming : minimal Training : Average Colours : All colours Elegant even delicate , in appearance , the whippet is in fact a robust, fearless hunter , bred for coursing and racing , while they are active and impressively speedy outdoors and can still be used…



  Size : 14-25kg (31-55lb) , 58-70cm (23-28in ) Grooming : Average Training :Average Colours : Range of colours Capable of amazing turns of speed , this ancient breed deserves its alternative name of gazelle hound . other aliases include Arabian hound , Persian greyhound . Persian sighthound , and Tanji . salukis closely resembles…



  Size: 16-18kg (35-40lb) , 41-58cm (16-23in) Grooming : average Training : time consuming Colours : yellow , red , tan , black , and any of these with white , solid white , brindle Declared a national treasure in its Korean homeland , this breed developed in island of jindo as a hunting and…


German spitz

  Size : giant :17.5-18.5kg (39-41lb), 40cm (16in) Grooming : time consuming Training : time consuming Colours : white , brown , or black for giant , range of colours for other sizes Spitz – type dogs arrived to central Europe with the Vikings and are mentioned in german literature as early as 1450 ….


Nordic spitz

  Size :12-15 kg(26-33lb) , 40-47cm(16-19in) Grooming:average Training:time consuming Colour:brown and white , red and white Similar in form and function to slightly larger Finnish Spitz , the Nordic spitz , or norbottenspets, hails from Sweden . It was first used to hunt squirrels when their furs were still traded and then later used for…


Finnish Spitz

  Size :14-16 kg (31-35lb), 38-50cm (15-20in) Grooming:average Training:time consuming Colour :golden red This lively independent breed has long been USD for hunting in eastern Finland and thekarelian region of Russia . The national dog of Finland it is still a popular gundog in it’s homeland . The breed remain close to it’s origin both…